July 2010

Looks like innocent Sakura is in double trouble this time – she’s got her mouth gagged with Naruto's meat so she can't let out even a single word and can only moan when she feels another cock break into her sweet ass! Never hook it up with two guys again, baby!

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Even when Bart is tied by the hands to a heavy wooden pole, he doesn't miss the chance to bang some hot pussy – watch him put his sissy Lisa down on all fours and slam his strong shaft into her little snatch from behind letting Nelson Muntz enjoy her blowjob skills!

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I always suspected that the Team 10 trio was hiding their real selves from the watchers of Naruto… Fuck, I was right – these two men and a stunningly pretty blonde puss turn out to be real dirty junkies! Watch Ino get gangbanged by Shikamaru and Choji on this artwork!

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